September 25, 2016

The Greatest of All Welfare Scams: The Hidden Cost of Bargain Prices

Utah towns are being ripped off by corporate America, find out how.

Damning Evidence That Young Living and DoTERRA’s Essential Oils are Adulterated

Read more about the controversy surrounding the essential oils of Young Living Farms.

Lavender Fields of Deceit?

One of Utah’s Couny’s multi-million dollar multi-level marketing businesses and the fantastic fairy tale of Young Living Farms and Essential Oils.

Westgate Resorts Class Action Lawsuit

Nevada court might finally deliver timeshare ripoff victims the justice they deserve.

Westgate Resorts Rip-Off Relief

Warning!…Please! If you are going to the “free” 1-night-stay + $50 night at Westgate resorts in Park City…BEWARE! submitted by Sarah Ashliman My husband and I, and my little girls went to the “90 min. resort tour” (ended up being closer to 4 hours) and ended up buying! Why? We had made each other a […]

Timeshare Rip-off Protection Laws

Did you buy a timeshare then find out it was a rip-off? If you bought it within the past five days Nevada state allows you to request a full refund. Timeshare laws they hope you don’t discover. -By Mindy Nielson It was going to be a great Las Vegas vacation – my husband and I […]

Westgate Resorts Admits Timeshare Advertising Dishonest

A ‘five star luxury resort’ Westgate Resorts executive admits untrue. Our experience in Westgate South Beach and how Westgate’s deceptive practices should refund buyers their money.

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