September 27, 2016

Gymnastics Training Center Expansion

Consider enrolling your child at the growing Gymnastic Training Center.

Tour of Utah Becoming a Top Bicycling Tour in the U.S.

Now recognized as one of the top three bicycling tours in the U.S. the Tour of Utah continues to grow.

Kamas Demolition Derby

At the end of the heat the crowd energy subsides and the night air is filled with the pleasantly noxious odors of burning oil and rubber.

Little League Gone Wild

Has little league baseball become overly competitive? Do kids and coaches need to just chill and have fun? by Rebecca Edwards When I first started attending my nephews’ little league games I was charmed by the sight of tiny boys in baseball uniforms, the smell of freshly mown grass on a warm, summer breeze and […]

Teens and Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and kids love it. Is it as dangerous as some people think? by Jacob Hodgen “First you grab their leg like this,” a surprisingly muscular teen tells me as he shoots down on one knee and tackles me to the ground. “Then you swing around and grab […]

Larry H. Miller’s Legacy

Business Mogul, Utah Sports hero of the most unusual sort, dies at 64. by Richard Markosian Nearly every NBA basketball team has an overweight, overly emotional super fan. But there will never be another super fan like Larry H. Miller. Without Miller there would almost certainly be no Utah Jazz basketball franchise in Utah. Larry […]

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