September 26, 2016

Utah’s Suburban Drug Use

Drug addiction in Utah can lie behind many closed doors. What can be done to help the addicts in need?

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Police can seize your property and belongings with no obligation to return it in every state except for one.

Suicide in Utah

Why is suicide so prevalent in Utah and why are lawmakers putting up barriers for those who want to decrease it?

Inversion Intervention: Big Utah Polluters Need Big Legislation

What do Utah companies pollute into our air? How can we get them to curb their emissions?

Generation Y Me?

Millennials are in for a tougher future than their parents. How they can survive the rocky road ahead.

Two Disabled Utahns, Two Stories of Ability

How did two Utahns overcome their disabilities to live successful lives? Read here to find out.

Air Pollution in Utah

What is in the air Utahns breathe? Maybe you don’t want to know.

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