September 29, 2016

Hobby Farming in Utah: Gov’t Forces one Man to Sell Land

Utah is one of the worst states for farmers. Read how enforced rezoning laws forced one man to sell his pastures and abandon his property.

Foreign Figures: A Utah Band Reaching the World with Its Music

An innovative Utah band sells out venues and offers fans more than just music.

Glass Images & Creations

Read how these Provo glass artists thrive with many local and international projects.

King Pong: The Utah Native That Started Atari and 20 Other Companies

Which of the world’s most legendary businessmen and video game developers got his start right here in Utah?

Megaplex Theatres: Utah’s Choice Cinema

Why do Megaplex Theatres often rank number one in the world for several blockbuster movies?

Downtown Provo: Rejuvenated

Many Utah downtown districts have fallen by the wayside, but Provo officials have managed to breathe new life into a once forgotten area.

Taking Over: Utah Millenials in the Workplace

Many of Utah’s next entrepreneurs are of a younger generation. How does their mindset affect starting a business?

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