October 1, 2016

A History of Violence: Ogden’s 25th Street

Ogden, Utah may be on the rise but still has a shaky history rooted in the days of the Wild West.

The Joy of Snakes: The Truth About Snakes in Utah

Snakes are not the harmful creatures we perceive them to be. Learn more about these reclusive reptiles and how to avoid them.

Country Line Dancing in Utah

Dance the night away country style at Utah’s largest dance floor.

West-ward Ho: Cowboy West Taylor

How one salesman left his busy city-life for a simple cowboy’s life on the prairie.

Survival in the Wild West: One Utah Mountain Man’s Story

Take a trip back to the Old West with this famed Mountain Man from Koosharem, Utah.

Ghost Towns of Utah

Meet two young entrepreneurs who made a business out of exploring ghost towns and abandoned mines.

Utah’s Wild West

Read all about the best of the wild western traditions in Utah.

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